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Beyond Bespoke Tailors was founded 12 years ago in Midtown Manhattan by Nick Torres, a third-generation tailor. Today, Mr. Torres employs a staff of 13 master tailors, all with well over 25 years of experience.

Together, they dress refined men according to time-honored standards in an ever-accelerating culture, whether it be in their Midtown studio or their clients’ offices or homes. A bespoke suit is designed with only its owner in mind. The process of creating it, however long-established, should be every bit as accommodating.


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 Your wedding dress has been a lifetime in the making —You have envisioned every

detail since you were a little girl, and you've spent countless hours searching for your perfect dress?

A perfectly fitted wedding dress is every bit as crucial as the perfect design.

It's not something to entrust lightly into the hand of mass production stores,


Beyond Bespoke,

you will receive undivided attention. Our experts will meticulously tend to your every measurement and fitting need. We will ensure not only that you have a perfectly tailored gown but that you feel the way you truly deserve to on your special and unique day. 

Don't just take our word for it! 

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Nick's Story

Nick Torres grew up with a tape measure draped around his neck. His father drew him to his side as a young child so that he could have an unimpeded view of what he did—and what his father before him had done—for a living. What remains with him, foremost, from those earliest, foreign moments was his father’s demeanor: gracious, patient, focused.

At 19, already with years of tailoring beneath him, Mr. Torres opened Beyond Bespoke in a Midtown storefront just large enough to accommodate himself, a fellow tailor and a single client at a time. He dedicated it to his father, who never had a shop of his own. Soon after, he added the small space next door. “So it was like I had two closets combined,” he says, laughing at the memory.

In 2012, Mr. Torres moved Beyond Bespoke to its current location, the freshly renovated second floor of a neighboring building, which spans five times larger than his former storefront. “I took a chance and it paid off,” he says. But nothing comes to Mr. Torres by chance. Another lesson instilled in him by his father: Speed will come with experience. In turn, he’s learned to act thoughtfully and purposefully through every endeavor, whether it’s selecting a statement lining for a new suit or evolving Beyond Bespoke.

Today, at 30, Mr. Torres stands on the cusp of further deepening his impression. After tailoring a number of celebrities over the course of his still-young career, he began designing his own modern-minded formal and evening-wear label. It’s expected to launch before the end of the year. But Beyond Bespoke remains his daily sustenance. With his father always in the back of his mind, Mr. Torres personally tends to an increasingly loyal clientele



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