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Beyond Bespoke was founded 11 years ago in Midtown Manhattan by Nick Torres, a third-generation tailor.
 Today, Mr. Torres employs a staff of 13 master tailors, all with at least a quarter-century of experience, as well as
a seamstress. Together, they dress refined men according to time-honored standards in an ever-accelerating culture, whether it be in their Midtown studio or their clients’ offices or homes. A bespoke suit is designed with only its owner in mind. The process of creating it, however long-established, should be every bit as accommodating.



 About Beyond Bespoke Tailors

Nick Torres grew up with a tape measure draped around his neck. His father drew him to his side as a young child so that he could have an unimpeded view of what he did—and what his father before him had done—for a living. What remains with him, foremost, from those earliest, foreign moments was his father’s demeanor: gracious, patient, focused.


At 19, already with years of tailoring beneath him, Mr. Torres opened Beyond Bespoke in a Midtown storefront just large enough to accommodate himself, a fellow tailor and a single client at a time. He dedicated it to his father, who never had a shop of his own. Soon after, he added the small space next door. “So it was like I had two closets combined,” he says, laughing at the memory.


In 2012, Mr. Torres moved Beyond Bespoke to its current location, the freshly renovated second floor of a neighboring building, which spans five times larger than his former storefront. “I took a chance and it paid off,” he says. But nothing comes to Mr. Torres by chance. Another lesson instilled in him by his father: Speed will come with experience. In turn, he’s learned to act thoughtfully and purposefully through every endeavor, whether it’s selecting a statement lining for a new suit or evolving Beyond Bespoke.


Today, at 30, Mr. Torres stands on the cusp of further deepening his impression. After tailoring a number of celebrities over the course of his still-young career, he began designing his own modern-minded formal and evening-wear label. It’s expected to launch before the end of the year. But Beyond Bespoke remains his daily sustenance. With his father always in the back of his mind, Mr. Torres personally tends to an increasingly loyal clientele

Bespoke Tailoring


Beyond Bridal

We offer fully- and partially-bespoke suits, shirts, trousers, blazers, topcoats and tuxedos crafted in either the English or Italian styles. The quality of every bespoke garment is guaranteed for 10 years. And the cost includes a year of alterations.


Bespoke clothing is the pinnacle expression of the fashionable gentleman. The cut and the size are uncompromised, and every stitch is sewn with the singular aim of reflecting the owner’s sense of style.

We can re-size, re-style and mend every garment and accessory in a man’s wardrobe, from belts and jeans to dress shirts and suits. And when the need is urgent, we can usually do it within the same day.


We also specialize in tailoring most off-the-rack designer pieces according to the label’s precise specifications. Want your Brooks Brothers oxford-cloth button-down tapered for that GQ fit? No problem. Need the sleeves of your H&M linen-blend jacket shortened? Done.

Beyond Bridal, our sister studio, was created to cater to wedding dress alterations. A fully dedicated seamstress is well-versed in every intricate design specification of most major labels, including Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Valentino and Versace.


We offer a 30-day Perfect-Fit Assurance, during which any further adjustments, regardless of the reason, are executed for free. Visit

Bespoke Clothing is the pinacle expression of the fashionable gentleman.



Each bespoke tailoring appointment, whether it be for a suit, a shirt or a pair of trousers, begins with a conversation because, as with all the finer things in life, it’s difficult to articulate, or even really know, what you want until you begin to appreciate the plethora that’s at your disposal.


If you’re a first-time client, Mr. Torres will want to begin to know you so that he can gain a better grasp on not only what you like to wear but also what you could wear. “What I want to try to do is challenge you,” he says. “And every time you come in, I’m going to try to challenge you a little bit more.” It’s a fresh pair of eyes. But it’s also an expert clothier who can show you how to play up your favorite features and work around those insecurities that have been nagging you.


From there, Mr. Torres will select several swatches from an inventory of thousands of fabrics that he feels align best with your needs—season, occasion—and wants—style—for the garment. And then the true fun begins. Every nuance is up for discussion. If you’re shopping for a suit, you’ll be asked to consider if you want a two- or a three-piece, double vents or one, notch lapels or peak. The experience may sound overwhelming, but you’ll have a veteran navigator at your disposal. Keep in mind, while this may be your first bespoke suit, Mr. Torres has crafted hundreds of them.


As is his custom, he saves his favorite decision for last: the jacket lining. Mr. Torres believes in making a statement here, in the fashion of the revered London designer, Ted Baker.


Once the suit is composed, Mr. Torres will take meticulous measurements. A month to six weeks later, you’ll return to the studio for your first fitting. (Wear your dress shoes and a dress shirt to ensure an accurate assessment.) If you have any questions or reconsiderations, now is the time to express them. Then, you’ll return for your final fitting in another week or two.


In an off-the-rack world, a custom fit draws all the eyes.

Allow us to introduce you to bespoke, a wardrobe
beyond comparison.

“Beyond Bespoke is the only tailor I use in the city, and they never stop giving me reasons to return.”



“This place is the real deal. Great service, zero wait and tons of personal attention. I brought in a new suit and a few pairs of pants to be hemmed. They ended up suggesting some additional alterations to the pants, and they look amazing. This is not getting your pants hemmed at the dry cleaners. As far as the suit goes, I have honestly never had a better fit. Be prepared to spend more than you anticipated, but also be prepared to be satisfied with the result.”
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“I got several very loose-fitting pairs of dress slacks and suit pants tapered and hemmed by Juan, and I couldn't have been happier with the results. All of the pants look great and were adjusted exactly as we had discussed.”


“The process was easy, the work was excellent and they are just good people. And the customer service has been great. I know if I ever did have an issue with something, which I haven't, they would work extremely hard to fix it.”

 “Beyond Bespoke is the only tailor I use in the city, and they never stop giving me reasons to return.”

“Excellent service and craftsmanship on the part of Bespoke! Nick is a great guy and always shows his appreciation for repeat business!”

“They took two off-the-rack Brooks Brothers suits (whose tailoring left much to be desired) and turned them into what were essentially custom-made suits! I get compliments every time
I wear them, and they fit great.”


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Beyond Bespoke has thousands of fabrics at its disposal, though Mr. Torres likes to highlight a handful each season.

Featured here are his selections for the summer.

If you have one of your own in mind, please feel free to bring a swatch or a photo to your consultation.

“What I want to try to do is challenge you,” Mr. Torres says.
“And every time you come in, I’m going to try to challenge you a little bit more.”


We realize your schedule may not allow you to visit our studio. If you work or live in New York City,
you can schedule an in-office or in-home consultation or fitting here.

For general inquiries, email or call 212-918-1966.


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10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday

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Closed Sunday


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